Our NHS Health IT Projects

Supporting transformation of wound assessment practice for improved patient care

Entec Health is committed to supporting wound care specialists and wound service providers to achieve improved clinical practice, optimal wound healing outcomes and enhanced patient experience.

The first wound management technology product in our portfolio is a solution from ARANZ Medical – the Silhouette wound assessment and information management system.

“Wound management specialists now have Silhouette as a means of achieving more objective, consistent wound assessment and wound outcomes monitoring for their patients” commented Achala Patel, Managing Director at Entec Health. “Developed and manufactured by ARANZ Medical, Silhouette presents a significant opportunity for wound care service providers to embrace this technological innovation and achieve more effective and efficient wound management practice.”

Established as an early adopter customer by Entec Health, the Diabetic Foot Clinic at Kings College Hospital is a pioneer user of Silhouette in the UK for clinical research and now extending this first phase use into clinical practice during 2014.

 “A system providing digital wound imaging, 3D measurement and information management represents a significant advance in our ability to assess, monitor and manage Diabetic Foot Ulcer outcomes more effectively” Maureen Bates, Podiatry Manager, Diabetic Foot Clinic, Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Going digital for assessing and managing patients with diabetic foot ulcers. NHS High Impact Innovation Showcase, Online Case Study, March 2013


Assessing and advising on commercialisation potential of health service management software

As part of a competitive dialogue process, Entec Health undertook a commercialisation review and market validation exercise for an NHS organisation seeking to assess the potential and route to market of specialist health service capacity planning software applications. The applications were developed in-house by the NHS Organisation, with considerable investment of clinical and technical expertise.  Entec Health was able to put forward actionable insights and strategic recommendations based on conducting primary and secondary market research for Europe and US as leading target markets, competitor analysis, channel analysis and business modelling. The input from Entec Health enabled the NHS Organisation to move forward with their long-term business plan. The Entec Health project team delivered to demanding requirements and tight timelines. The quality of input and interaction was highly commended by the clients.

We found the input from Entec extremely accurate, positive and well researched.”

“The Entec team set themselves a punishing schedule for delivering on the various stages of our discussion; and always succeeded in meeting even the most strenuous challenge.”

“We were remarkably impressed with both the depth and breadth of their knowledge. This was a relatively new field for their team; yet the level of insight from Entec was clearly underpinned by a strong clinical and business research model – there was no doubt they had done their homework”

Feedback received from senior client stakeholders involved in the project.