Wound Assessment Camera & Software

SilhouetteStar™ digital wound camera for reliable wound imaging

Fast, easy and time-saving

Silhouette camera

3D laser technology SilhouetteStar camera for digital wound imaging and 3D wound measurement

SilhouetteStar™ wound camera

  • Novel 3D laser technology – digital wound imaging and accurate 3D wound measurement, a first for wound care
  • Ergonomic – compact, easy to use camera
  • One click capture & save – digital wound images uploaded and saved to SilhouetteConnect software automatically
  • Non-contact imaging and measurement – supports infection control
  • Built-in smart calibration and LED lights – reliable, quality images for clinical assessment
  • USB cable – powers camera and uploads images directly to SilhouetteConnect software on PC

SilhouetteConnect™ wound assessment application software

Supports non-contact, automated 3D wound measurement, clinical data capture and report generation at point of care

Silhouette screen

SilhouetteConnect Patient Dashboard, display of wound healing progress chart (example only)

Patient data

Silhouette Wound Assessment Report (example only)

SilhouetteConnect™ wound assessment software

  • Wound assessment application software, windows compatible – electronic wound assessment tool
  • Supports automatic image upload from SilhouetteStar camera – organises images as part of patient record
  • Enables 3D wound measurement, including area, perimeter, depth and volume – objective, quantitative data on wound status and wound healing progress
  • Plots wound size change over time chart – clear, data based indicator of wound healing progress
  • % Area Reduction reported versus baseline – immediate indicator available on response to wound treatment plan
  • Interface for input of electronic clinical notes – capture wound assessment data at point of care
  • Generates automated PDF wound assessment reports – professional documentation that can be shared with care team

SilhouetteCentralinformation management platform, easy and rapid data access for care team

For storing and managing data collected from multiple SilhouetteStar+SilhouetteConnect devices in one central data platform


SilhouetteCentral information management platform, easy and rapid data access for care team

SilhouetteCentralwound information platform

  • SQL database stores and manages data captured by multiple Silhouette wound assessment devices – enterprise level capability for organisation-wide information management
  • Digital wound data platform for organisation –quality data available in timely manner for users to review, share, report and analyse
  • Clinical notes management interface – configurable clinical notes function to enable client to customise electronic clinical data capture and reporting
  • SilhouetteCentral Aggregate Reporting Module – population level reporting capability to support reporting of wound and service metrics
  • Web-enabled application, access via secure web-browser – data can be accessed by multiple users from multiple locations, can be integrated into telehealth model
  • Hosting on NHS Trust server – patient data under Trust control, ownership and information governance
  • SilhouetteLink™ data integration engine to support interoperability with 3rd party electronic patient record systems.
  • Password protected access, timed lock-out, audit trail of user activity – secure data access and use
  • System Administration control interface – easy interface for administration of units, users , data management, notes configuration and reporting

Silhouette, SilhouetteStar, SilhouetteConnect, SilhouetteCentral and SilhouetteLink are trademarks of ARANZ Healthcare Limited


Silhouette Virtual Workshop

There is wide recognition that wound assessment practice and wound outcomes show variability across the UK (1,2,3). We have a Silhouette virtual workshop available online to show you how digital wound assessment and information management solution can support better clinical practice and patient care.

Silhouette Capability Overview

The Silhouette system is an integrated solution comprising three key components: the SilhouetteStar camera, SilhouetteConnect wound assessment software and SilhouetteCentral information database.

Silhouette Case Studies

A number of Silhouette case studies are available which discuss user experience and the value of adoption of digital wound assessment for the management of patients with chronic wounds including diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers and leg ulcers.

The Silhouette System Concept

Silhouette provides organisations with an integrated electronic wound assessment and information management system to support improved clinical management of patients with wounds.

Guide to Silhouette Investment

Further information on Silhouette packages available, pricing structure, making a business case for investment and funding sources.

Silhouette Technical Information

Further information on Regulatory Approvals, Technical Specification and System Interoperability.