Guide to Silhouette Investment

System formats available & pricing

Silhouette is a modular wound assessment and information management system and can cater for a range of requirements, scope and budgets.
The Silhouette solution is available in two formats:

  1. Silhouette, stand-alone package:
    The stand-alone package comprises 1 unit SilhouetteStar camera + SilhouetteConnect software licence for 1 PC.The SilhouetteCentral database, Aggregate Reporting and Data Integration is not included in this package.
  2. Silhouette enterprise level system:
    suitable for organisation-wide system use,where multiple wound assessment devices will be utilised by a number of health professionals. For an enterprise system, the format and pricing is defined by the required number of SilhouetteStar cameras, SilhouetteConnect assessment software licences and the level of customisation and data integration required. The enterprise level system includes the SilhouetteCentral database and Aggregate Reporting Module. Clinical user training and technical training is offered as part of the proposal. Other options for consideration are data integration requirements and additional support services such as project management.

To request pricing information, please contact us with details of your requirements.

Silhouette screen

Silhouette Business Case

We recognise that purchase of an enterprise level Silhouette system will need to be presented and justified as a business case within your organisation.
We believe that the Silhouette solution has strong potential to support NHS Trusts to deliver clinical improvement initiatives, patient safety and experience goals and strategic IT modernisation programmes. Entec Health has developed a paper to put forward the clinical and business rationale for Silhouette investment to support development of your business case.

Download Silhouette Clinical and Business Rationale paper

A Silhouette Prospectus is also available. This document provides an overview of the current gaps in wound assessment practice in the UK, the impact of these capability gaps and discusses the opportunity available to health professional s and health service providers to assess their wound assessment and information management capability and plan for future capability building to support improved patient care, wound outcomes and cost-effectiveness. Please use the form to request the Silhouette Prospectus.

Request a Silhouette Prospectus


    Silhouette Virtual Workshop

    There is wide recognition that wound assessment practice and wound outcomes show variability across the UK (1,2,3). We have a Silhouette virtual workshop available online to show you how digital wound assessment and information management solution can support better clinical practice and patient care.

    Silhouette Capability Overview

    The Silhouette system is an integrated solution comprising three key components: the SilhouetteStar camera, SilhouetteConnect wound assessment software and SilhouetteCentral information database.

    Silhouette Case Studies

    A number of Silhouette case studies are available which discuss user experience and the value of adoption of digital wound assessment for the management of patients with chronic wounds including diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers and leg ulcers.

    The Silhouette System Concept

    Silhouette provides organisations with an integrated electronic wound assessment and information management system to support improved clinical management of patients with wounds.

    Guide to Silhouette Investment

    Further information on Silhouette packages available, pricing structure, making a business case for investment and funding sources.

    Silhouette Technical Information

    Further information on Regulatory Approvals, Technical Specification and System Interoperability.