Value to Organisation

Value to Organisation


Current practice

Healthcare organisations issue wound management and wound formulary guidance to provide practitioners with recommended protocols and approved dressings/products based on a review of effectiveness, suitability, acceptability and cost-effectiveness. The information is essential for wound care services and is usually made available as a printed tool or an intranet resource. These formats have limitations in terms of access and usability.


New way forward – A Digital Wound Formulary Solution


  1. The Wound Care Buddy App changes that by mobilising wound management guidelines and formulary information as a digital resource, always available at the point of care. This means that frontline healthcare professionals can be equipped and empowered to use this essential information when treating patients much more easily to support best practice.
  2. A new cloud-based service, enabling NHS Trusts and other healthcare service providers to publish their own tailored wound management guidelines and formulary content as a Mobile App quickly and cost-effectively.
  3. The Wound Care Buddy App service available from Entec Health also includes provision of anonymised analytics on usage and user visits per screen to give invaluable insights on the information that healthcare professionals are seeking out and using when treating patients. The Wound Care Buddy App analytics helps to inform the organisation on education and training needs to support continuous improvement.