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Silhouette – a leading solution for wound research

Silhouette is now established and recognised as the leading electronic wound imaging, measurement and assessment system available for clinical research applications, having supported over 200 clinical studies across the world since 2007.

Silhouette has robust data available on its accuracy and repeatability of 3D wound measurement.The innovative Silhouette system is helping researchers to efficiently and reliably generate reproducible wound assessment data and monitor and document wound size changes and wound healing progress over time.

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Silhouette Clinical Trial Applications – Client Testimonial

EdixoMed initiates new clinical study of novel Nitric Oxide technology wound dressing, supported by Silhouette assessment system

EdixoMed Limited is an emerging star in the British biotechnology sector. The company has developed a novel nitric oxide (NO) generating technology which has strong potential to address significant unmet needs in dermatology and respiratory conditions.

EdixoMed is driving forward with clinical studies for its lead woundcare product, a novel wound dressing that can provide prolonged delivery of NO direct to the skin, restoring normal physiological levels. NO causes vasodilation, increases permeability blood vessels, stimulates angiogenesis and is a potent anti-microbial. These properties of NO when delivered directly to the wound site should offer improved healing in vivo.

A comprehensive clinical study programme involving patients with diabetic foot ulcers has been initiated by EdixoMed involving 4 UK centres of excellence for Diabetes: Kings College Hospital London, Royal Infirmary Hospital Edinburgh, Southern General Hospital Glasgow and Ninewells Hospital Dundee.

“An important aspect of a study of this nature is to have an efficient, reliable and objective method of measuring wound healing to report on the impact of the treatment intervention under investigation”. Dr Joanne Stewart, NOx Programme Manager, Queen Mary University, London

Following a review of available wound imaging and assessment technology, EdixoMed has equipped its diabetic foot ulcer study centres with the innovative Silhouette digital wound assessment system to image, measure and map wound healing progress over time. The Silhouette system was selected to enable investigators to generate reliable and reproducible wound assessment data electronically

“We have found Silhouette straight-forward to set up and users take to it quickly as the software and Silhouette camera is very easy to use and rapidly generates wound image and quantitative data which is clinically very useful” Carl Daintree, Director of Operations, EdixoMed Ltd

The study will investigate the efficacy of the EdixoMed nitric oxide generating dressing in patients with diabetic foot ulceration, a condition which continues to pose a major medical challenge as healing often takes years due to complex concomitant issues such as vascular disease, calcification and infection. Results from the Clinical Study are expected in quarter 2 2015.