Wound Assessment Solutions & Tools

Silhouette for Clinical Practice

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Are you looking for a way to improve the quality of wound assessment practice in your wound management service to support enhanced patient care? Silhouette is an enabling digital technology that supports better clinical management of patients with wounds.

Silhouette for Clinical Research

Silhouette for Clinical Research

Do you need a simple, precise, reproducible method of tracking wound healing rates for your wound research programme? Silhouette is a digital technology designed to capture quality wound images and quantified wound healing progress data to help you generate reliable data for your research.

Silhouette Overview

Rapid, reliable point-of-care digital wound assessment

SilhouetteStar is a new light-weight, compact camera for digital wound imaging and 3D wound measurement. SilhouetteStar works with SilhouetteConnect , wound assessment software which runs on a Windows PC/laptop/tablet. Users can capture wound images and generate wound measurements in less than a minute. Silhouette supports consistent and reliable capture of electronic clinical data at the point-of-care, including instant generation of a wound healing progress chart and a PDF wound assessment report.

Silhouette New Generation Overview

An accurate, precise and secure wound assessment and management solution for clinical practice and research

Introducing the New Generation Silhouette suite, SilhouetteStar2, SilhouetteLite+ and SilhouetteLite. The new Silhouette application enables wound care specialists to assess patient wounds in a range of care settings using digital wound imaging and 3D or 2D measurement.

The wound data collected by the Silhouette devices is synchronised with the centralised database, SilhouetteCentral, via a web-based application when a secure network connection is available. The point of care device options include the Silhouette 3D wireless camera, SilhouetteLite+ Sensor for iPad/iPhone and the SilhouetteLite App for iOS devices.

Wound Care Buddy App Overview

Enable best practice in wound management

The Wound Care Buddy App by Entec Health, is a new cloud-based service which enables NHS Trusts and other Healthcare Providers to publish custom  Wound Management Guidelines and Formulary content as a Mobile App quickly and cost-effectively.

The Wound Care Buddy App aligns perfectly with digital healthcare and mobile working, enabling front line staff to access wound management protocols and approved dressings on formulary, at the point of care.