Our Marketing Services

Developing UK market for innovative digital wound assessment solution

Entec Health is an appointed sales and marketing partner for ARANZ Medical in the UK and has been successful in developing early market success for Silhouette and establishing early adopters in the UK since 2011.

Silhouette is recognised as an emerging and innovative technology for transformation of wound assessment practice and wound healing metrics reporting capability in the UK, through the efforts of Entec Health on the ground.


Supporting brand and channel strategy development for fertility monitoring product

Entec Health was appointed by a British fertility monitor company to support development of an effective brand and channel strategy for their innovative personal sensor and software technology, designed to improve accuracy of ovulation data to help women with conception.

In association with a market research and brand strategy specialist, the Entec Health team conducted qualitative primary market research and market analysis to generate actionable insights on product acceptance and motivation/barriers to adoption. The market research involved recruitment and engagement of potential users, GPs and Pharmacists in the UK setting.

Entec Health was able to provide the client company with actionable insights on physical, technical and emotional needs and unmet needs of potential consumers trying to conceive and seeking support and solutions.  In addition, a segmentation model was developed to support effective consumer targeting and development of a stand-out brand communications strategy to connect with target segments. Based on Entec Health’s input, the client has gone ahead with implementing a number of the brand and channel strategy recommendations to drive forward its market development plans.

“Demonstrated competency in using the right resources for the right tasks – Entec managed the project very effectively. “

“Their primary research partner was very good at the one to one interaction with consumers.”

“Providing feedback in a timely manner and ensuring expectations were set at each stage.”

Feedback received from senior client stakeholders involved in the project.

Core competencies & capabilities

  • Medical devices, life sciences and pharma sector knowledge
  • Clinical domain knowledge
  • Health IT sector experience
  • NHS Market Access know-how
  • Change management expertise
  • Established and senior NHS stakeholder networks
  • Business and financial management
  • Business parterning
  • Strategic brand development expertise
  • Market research, market analysis, market insights
  • Strategic and tactical sales & marketing
  • Solution & strategic selling
  • Stakeholder management
  • Key opinion leadership management
  • Medical marketing
  • Traditional and Digital marketing communications
  • Associate Network of Healthcare and Health IT experts available to support projects
  • Local IT solution implementation partner available to support delivery